As part of T-Mobile’s efforts to convince users that their Sprint merger will only make things better for everyone, they are now bringing a limited time offer for those looking for multiple plans. You can sign up for a four-line T-Mobile Essential plan for just $100 so you’ll just pay $25 per month for each of those lines and get “unlimited” data, call, and text. This is their lowest postpaid promotion so far but will only be available this summer.

The $25 per month fee will be applicable if you get four lines with T-Mobile Essentials and if you avail of the AutoPay (plus taxes and fees of course). Each line will come with unlimited calls and texts as well as “unlimited” data with its usual throttling and all. You will also get Caller ID, a free PROXY second number, access to Tuesday’s perks, and 5G data. That last one of course is if you’re in an area where there is 5G and if your phone is 5G-compatible.

If you don’t have a 5G phone yet, you can add $5 more per month per line to get a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. You will need to trade in a valid device to be able to avail of this special offer. Even if you’re already an existing T-Mobile subscriber, you can switch to this $25 per month plan if you’re willing to commit to four new lines or if you know three other people who would like to subscribe to T-Mobile.

If what you’re after is just a new 5G phone, they also have a promo where you can get the Galaxy A71 5G for free if you trade in a device. If you want something more high-end, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G at half the price when you have an eligible device to trade-in. The rebate you’ll get is actually 24 monthly bill credits. This promo starts by July 24 and will last over the summer (no specific date).

By August 2, Sprint will merge with T-Mobile and the latter will be the brand that will “survive”. Sprint subscribers already have access to the LTE and 5G networks of T-Mobile so that’s good news for them of course. T-Mobile also promises that they are bringing standalone 5G soon, specifically this quarter.