If you spend most of your time domestically and very rarely would go international with your smartphone, T-Mobile is offering you a new plan. This will get rid of all the other non-essential things that sometimes bloats up your monthly costs but you hardly use anyway. The new T-Mobile Essentials aims to bring you just the holy trinity of smartphone plans: unlimited calls, messages, and data (although “unlimited” is limited for that last one) at a supposedly more affordable rate.

One Essentials phone line will cost you $60 per month, which is just $10 cheaper than a T-Mobile ONE subscription. It does get cheaper the more lines you add, like adding a second will bring you to just $30 per month and if you get four more lines, it will come down to just $15 per line. But of course you’ll have to take into consideration taxes and other fees and if you don’t do autopay payments, you’ll have to pay $5 more per line. So yes, Essentials is more affordable but only if you’ll be getting several lines under your plan and name.

Now as to what this plan includes, you’ll get unlimited calls and texting but of course, from within the US only. For your data, as always, they say they reserve the right to throttle your connection during times when the data lines are congested. If you use more than 50GB of data every month, they might also throttle you. So this plan is good for those who use their phones for data but aren’t consuming it like pancakes.

You will also get mobile hotspot but you are limited to 3G speeds and if you need more, you can add $10 more per month for 10GB of LTE speeds. There are also roaming options in case you need to go overseas, but T-Mobile will point you to their ONE plans if you do that often since that is more suited for your needs. If you still want to stick to Essentials, you can avail of their $5/day 24 Hour Global Pass which includes unlimited calls and up to 512MB of up to 4G LTE data.

You can start applying for a T-Mobile Essentials if you think that’ more your style. It’s open to both new and existing subscribers on the carrier by August 10.

VIA: SlashGear