The great thing about celebrity adverts is that they presume the general public is too uncertain of its own identity to actually pick a product of their own, and instead need to align themselves with someone famous in order to have self-esteem.  T-Mobile have jumped on that particular bandwagon with the help of Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson and Jessie James, all of whom would like to tell you exactly why they adore the myTouch 3G.

It turns out, celebrities are just like you and me.  Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson needs his myTouch 3G to organize his hectic family life, while TV personality and “motorcycle maven” Jessie James is obviously an addicted customizer who apparently sees his smartphone as an extension of his tattoos.

Finally, Whoopi doesn’t use the myTouch 3G for anything so mundane as researching new material, checking sales of her various books, emailing her agent or the usual Hollywood rubbish; instead she’s buying shoes and finding places to eat hot dogs.  Hey, T-Mobile, I eat hot dogs too! This is obviously the smartphone for me.

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[via SlashGear]