T-Mobile is finally tackling AT&T’s NumberSync by announcing something similar. The company has just rolled out DIGITS technology that will allow customers to use their numbers across several devices. NumberSync was introduced late last year but it’s only now that it’s getting a rival service from the Un-Carrier. DIGITS will work the same way but with another twist: you can also use different numbers on one device. It used to be just one device-one number but now, it’s also one number on multiple devices and multiple numbers on one device.

Things are getting more convenient and easier for mobile consumers. DIGITS is revolutionary because people can combine all their contact numbers on just one phone. Numbers should all be from T-Mobile though for the service to work. As always, T-Mobile CEO John Legered is excited with this announcement. He said DIGITS is “is way more powerful”. What’s more impressive is that you can also use DIGITS on other smartphones and carriers like AT&T and Verizon.

Using one number on different devices is convenient but using multiple numbers on just one gadget is even better. You don’t have to bring several phones with you for personal or work use because with DIGITS, people can contact you all the time. There’s no reason now why you can’t be reached because in this day and age, everyone can be found.

T-Mobile describes DIGITS as “your real wireless number with real wireless calling”. It prioritizes calling over data so you can have super clear voice calls all the time–whenever and wherever. The company promises carrier-grade quality which is not yet common from most networks today. With DIGITS, you can connect any Internet-enabled device from your smartphone to tablet, desktop computer, laptop, or smartwatch. Feel free to view messages on all devices or all calls to your different numbers on one device only. DIGITS also allows you to switch numbers seamlessly. No need to get another device so you can separate your personal and business numbers.

DIGITS is still in limited beta but it’s offered free for now. You can sign up to join the program and see for yourself how this technology will change the mobile market. Service will launch commercially in 2017. Join the beta program and help in making sure DIGITS is ready for all loyal T-Mobile customers.


SOURCE: T-Mobile, T-Mobile.com/DIGITS