T-Mobile Cybersecurity Threat data Breach 2021

A few days ago, a listing for access to data of more than 100 million accounts, supposedly T-Mobile’s, was sighted on a forum. It quickly became the talk of the mobile industry. T-Mobile soon released a statement and mentioned that it is now under investigation. The Un-carrier acknowledged the problem and assured the subscribers it is taking their protection very seriously. The company is doing a deep technical review. A new update has been shared by T-Mobile, telling us about the cybersecurity incident. T-Mobile apologized for what happened and promises transparency.

To recap, T-mobile has verified a subset of data had been accessed by unauthorized individuals. This includes over 40 million records of prospective or former subscribers and 7.8 million current T-Mobile postpaid customer accounts. Some data were stolen from the systems include personal information. It’s not yet clear though that the info include payment details, postpay PIN numbers, or passwords. The company said they are working to address the situation to continue offering protection the the customers.

Immediate steps are being taken at the moment to protect those who may be at risk. T-Mobile has reminded the subscribers to also take proactive steps to protect identity and data. This is for regular protection and prevention.

T-Mobile has recommended smart practices that may keep account secure. You can protect identity with McAfee. The McAfee ID Theft Protection Service is free from T-Mobile for two years. You can change your PIN immediately. You also need to change your password.

You can also take advantage of T-Mobile’s Account Takeover Protection capabilities. Activating the Scam Shield may also be helpful. The carrier’s advanced scam-blocking protection includes Scam Block, Scam ID, and Caller. The service is free for all T-Mobile customers.


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