It seems that the Nexus 6 availability problem isn’t confined to Google Play Store only. As the date for the launch the first Nexus phablet draws nearer, T-Mobile suddenly pulls back from the lineup. The carrier has now just announced over at its Twitter feed that it will be launching the Lollipop-bearing smartphone on November 19 instead, which unsurprisingly leads to no small amount of frustration from its customers.

The official statement is that T-Mobile wants to give its customer the best buying experience. Considering the rather disappointing issue of availability, perhaps T-Mobile is expecting customers to storm its shops in search of the elusive Nexus 6. They definitely don’t want that to turn into an angry mob, not that there isn’t already one after this announcement.


However, given the unavailability of the Nexus 6 even from Google Play Store, one can only wonder if something is really amiss. The smartphone initially launched a few weeks ago and completely went out of stock in just a matter of hours. Google promised to replenish its inventories every Wednesday, leading to a rather maddening rush of interested buyers. Google and Motorola are unlikely to admit to actual problems, so those still interested in getting a Nexus 6 will just have to take their word for it and buy those when they can.

That said, for rival AT&T, it’s full steam ahead tomorrow, November 12. The carrier’s first Nexus device will carry a price tag of $682.99 in full or $249.99 on-contract. We can expect T-Mobile to come up with something along that range as well. Verizon, on the other hand, remains silent on the Nexus 6 matter.

SOURCE: @T-Mobile