T-Mobile CDMA

T-Mobile has been working to finally shut down its CDMA network but looks like it may be postponed once again. The whole industry has been aggressively pushing for 5G. That is a good goal but it’s not that easy. The next-gen network requires a lot of investment and time. Networks need to upgrade infrastructures and technologies. Little by little, these carriers can start by migrating 2G users to 3G, 3G to 4G, 4G to 5G. This means the CDMA technology from Sprint will have to be discontinued at one point.

T-Mobile has acquired Sprint and this means it also inherited the latter’s CDMA technology. It has a deadline to completely put an end to the tech but it may need more time to allow partners more time as well.

The CDMA technologies are already outdated. T-Mobile specifically said it need to “sunset” CDMA so all customers can have access to the best experience and best connectivity.

Sprint CDMA customers will be impacted but T-Mobile is giving them time and resources. Partners like Dish can take care of the consumers by working on their responsibilities so people can easily shift to the latest network.

Deadline will be until March 31, 2022. This means beginning on April 1, the CDMA will no longer be accessible. And no, it won’t be an April Fools’ Day joke.

T-Mobile said the change will not have any financial or material impact to the business. It will continue to be aggressive with the 5G rollout in the United States. Expect more will be added to the 308 million people now on Extended Range 5G. Of the number, 186 million are on Ultra Capacity 5G. T-Mobile’s goal is to hit 200 million people.


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