It still looks like the T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger is on track for approval from all necessary parties, however it seems as if one of the nastier side effects has also happened. The layoffs. While this is not necessarily the best of news, it is coming as expected. T-Mobile actually confirmed earlier in the month that the layoffs would be happening. So far these layoffs have been from the Bellevue headquarters.

Those earlier details were suggesting T-Mobile would be laying off about 100 people from marketing as well as some from other groups. And well, it looks like these have happened just as expected. The Seattle Times is reporting that T-Mobile has cut 100 people from marketing as well as between 200 and 300 from the operations group. The employees were a mix of administrative assistants to senior vice presidents.

In a prepared statement, T-Mobile has said this was done to better align their business with their new strategy and position and that “this affects a small number of employees relative to the overall size of the business.” As one would expect, T-Mobile has declined to comment on the process, however at least some of the employees were not all that happy with the way things went down.

One in particular was noted as saying that the only communication they got were the rumors and that they “never dealt with anything so unprofessional.” It seem that these employees had been called into the conference room, which was done by way of an electronic calendar invite. From here they were told what was happening and given 30 minutes to clear out and turn in their badge. This aside, the next step for the merger process is set for April 12 when the shareholders will vote.

[via SlashGear]