We’ve seen plenty of interesting advertising methods from T-Mobile since they began the UNcarrier approach. Lately, much of the chatter has been coming direct from T-Mobile CEO John Legere, however it seems things have been stepped up considerably with this latest move. T-Mobile has issued a satire-filled press release celebrating how AT&T dismantled the death star.

At the heart of this press release, T-Mobile is still pushing their UNcarrier approach with their Simple Choice Plan. But more in depth, there is quite a bit of going after AT&T included, with a highlight here being the (up to) $450 offer for T-Mobile customers to switch to AT&T. That offer arrived earlier in the month and seems to have only stirred things in the T-Mobile camp.

The release is filled with fake quotes which have AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega supposedly talking about how he “felt it was time to really stir things up and put customers first for a change.” The fake quote then goes on to talk about how by ‘customer’ he was referring to the former AT&T customers who already switched to T-Mobile because “our [their] current customers don’t really qualify.”

In the end, it seems this is just another case of T-Mobile attacking AT&T. More to the point, maybe there was a bit of John Legere coming out in those supposed comments from Ralph de la Vega — namely with the stirring things up bit. Either way though, it is looking more and more like T-Mobile is stepping further and further outside the box here — maybe to the point of having some think they are going a bit far.

SOURCE: T-Mobile