The folks at T-Mobile just dropped the news regarding their newest Android smartphone to grace customers nationwide. It’s called the T-Mobile Concord and is being touted as their “most affordable smartphone.” This new device is a contract free and budget friendly. They’re calling it the perfect phone for first time smartphone buyers. More details below.

This ultimate back-to-school priced device is a rather mid-range phone at best, but offers an exceptional value and comes with no annual contract. That’s right. This is a contract free Android smartphone all for just $99 from T-Mobile. The phone is actually made by ZTE, but looks quite nice for the price.

With the T-Mobile Concord you’ll get a decent little 3.5-inch display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 2 megapixel camera (for those Facebook shots) and a 2GB SD card included. The important thing here is you’ll get all of that with no annual contract for only $99.

T-Mobile is also touting this as the perfect device for a first time smartphone buyer. With an easy to use interface and simplistic design and more. The brand new ZTE T-Mobile Concord is available right now starting today at Walmart for $99.98, and you can expect to see it arrive in Target stores nationwide on August 26th for $99.99 as well. Read more over at