It looks like starting May 22nd T-Mobile is all set to be making some pretty drastic changes to the return and restocking fee policy. According to the leaked screenshot they will now be charging a different restocking fee based on the specific device that is being returned. All the way up to a $75 dollar fee for a tablet, looks like it will be Ebay or Craigslist for some. They said it was “an effort to offset the costs of processing and restocking devices for certain types of device exchanges and return.”

So starting May 22nd, depending on the type of device you are returning or even exchanging a fee will come along with it. I would understand returns if there is no defects, but exchanges should be different. The new changes are:

* $25: Phone-first handsets and laptop sticks
* $50: Smartphones
* $75: Tablets and netbooks

Like I said above this is a drastic change from the current $10 dollar fee that they don’t always enforce to begin with, so either they are tightening up or are looking to stop the amount of returns and exchanges. Hopefully employees will try to set the customer up with what will work for them better the first time, and this shouldn’t be an issue. That or test the device plenty in store and you should be fine. Either way the steep increase is something I hope others don’t start to follow. We will see.

[via TmoNews]