Here we go again. Curious what T-Mobile thought of AT&T’s move this morning? You weren’t alone. In the wake of AT&T offering up to $450 to customers who moved to their service, T-Mobile CEO John Legere may have the last laugh. Calling the move “desperate”, he said AT&T would be “toast” after their CES announcement.

He also took time to jab AT&T for their failed bid to acquire T-Mobile, saying they took the $4 billion AT&T was forced to pay them and built a better network. They also used that leverage to implement their popular Uncarrier approach to mobile. “We used AT&T’s cash to build a far superior network and added ‘un-carrier’ moves to take tons of their customers – and now they want to bribe them back” said Legere.

“Consumers won’t be fooled… nothing has changed, customers will still feel the same old pain that AT&T is famous for. Just wait until CES to hear what pain points we are eliminating next. The competition is going to be toast!” Legere boasted in his email response to Re/Code. Of course, we still don’t know what T-Mobile has planned for CES, but they’re clearly under the impression it will burn AT&T. Like toast.

Or, maybe Legere was just hungry. Or, maybe he really gets it. T-Mobile does have that Steve Jobs thing going on, where they give us stuff we didn’t know we wanted until they told us about it. It works, too. Worldwide data coverage, free tethering — we wanted all those things! We’ll be eagerly anticipating T-Mobile’s CES announcement, and we’ll be on the ground at CES to let you know about it straight away.