The Super Bowl, as any American football fan will excitedly tell you, is coming up this weekend in New Orleans. Tons of fans will be flocking to the city to watch the big game take place, many of them with smartphones in their pockets. Of course, it isn’t everyday you get to go to the Super Bowl, so we imagine many of them will be using those smartphones for all sorts of things during the game. Luckily, T-Mobile is up to the challenge faced with thousands of football fans tweeting, sharing, and plusing, boosting its 4G network in New Orleans before kickoff.

Of course, the Super Bowl isn’t the only big event going down in New Orleans, as Mardi Gras is also coming up quickly. With both of those events going on in the same place, T-Mobile subscribers are probably going to be thankful for the expanded coverage. First and foremost, T-Mobile has bolstered its 4G networks in places around the city where it expects increased voice and data activity.

That’s the most obvious bit about this expansion, but it also includes the installation of “infrastructure connected to a Distributed Antenna System (DAS),” which will make it easier for those inside the Superdome to get a signal. The company will have cells on wheels located at Weidenberg Park to provide an extra boost for those attending the Mardi Gras concert series, while it will also set up a “command center” to monitor to network there in New Orleans.

Finally, there will be a T-Mobile SUV travelling around town and acting as a mobile charging station, complete with televisions to watch and video games to play. T-Mobile says on its blog that these improvements won’t be going away once the Super Bowl is over and Mardi Gras has come to a close, so it sounds like New Orleans residents will enjoy some continued benefits after all the hubbub has died down. Are you making the trek to New Orleans this weekend to watch the Super Bowl?