T-Mobile recently released their earnings for Q3 2013, and are continuing to impress. According to the Un-carrier, they added another 1 million total customers in Q3 2013. That’s in line with Q2 2013, where T-Mobile added 1.1 million customers.

This increase spans all brands: T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and their prepaid offering. Those “postpaid” brands, T-Mobile and Metro PCS, accounted for 672,000 of the million customer jump. T-Mobile also notes that Metro PCS is the fastest LTE network in 10 of the top 20 markets, and reaches 94 of the top 100 areas. T-Mobile also promises to bring LTE to another 15 markets on November 21st.

CEO John Legere proudly stated that T-Mobile’s Un-carrier efforts were altering the “stupid, arrogant” industry they reside in. Cryptically, he added “we’re not done yet”, signaling more changes in store for the resurgent carrier.

T-Mobile’s earnings were $6.68 billion for the quarter, up one percent from the previous quarter. This time last year, T-Mobile reported $6.15 billion in earnings. They attribute the increased revenue to their unsubsidized approach, which allows them to recoup device costs quickly. Their turnover rate was steady at 3.1%, with their postpaid turnover falling to 1.7% from 2.3% last year. Their overall earnings per customer fell to $45.38, from $50.55 last year, which CFO Braxton Carter attributes to their shift in plan structure.

T-Mobile sold 5.6 million smartphones in the period as well, and noted that a mere 15% of those were iPhones. Considering market share, that’s a whole bunch of Android devices! T-Mobile doesn’t break those numbers out, unfortunately, but it’s a good showing for T-Mobile nonetheless.


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