It looks as if T-Mobile is gearing up to launch their ‘4G’ network in many cities across the US. After much debate as whether they should refer to it as “4G” “4G Speed” or anything else, it looks like they have gone with simply calling it their 4G network. According to TmoNews, T-Mobile is ready to begin advertising the network as “America’s Largest 4G Network” and has it’s promotion material all ready.

Being the fastest network available in the US, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ will definitely be advertised as such, and advertised a whole lot. The network itself offers up download speeds of 21 Mbps which is double that of Sprint’s “ultra fast” 4G network. It gets even better, these speeds will in fact double within the next year to 42 Mbps as it’s network gets upgraded.

The T-Mobile 4G network is still expanding, currently reaching 100 million people, they expect to reach a total of 200 million by years end. To check if you are in a T-Mobile HSPA+ city, check out their 4G page and coverage map here.
[Via TmoNews, AndroidAndMe]