Take a walk with me for a moment down a road into the future. Let us begin with a screenshot that’s just popped up on Engadget and originated from GizmoFusion (on the left, below.) It shows an option to Sync Music, this option set right beside options to Sync other things like contacts, Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, and Calendar. This screenshot supposedly comes from an advanced version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread – Engadget hypothesizes it may come from this fabled Android 2.4 (also Gingerbread) build we’ve been hearing so much about.

Next lets take a peek at the picture on the right: it comes from our very own exploration of a leaked Android 3.0 Honeycomb music player app. Here you’ll notice an option to Stream music (and connect to all music libraries) as well as Cache streamed music. What do these two options on different OSs mean for the future of Android music?

I’ll tell you what it means, it means that somewhere in this massively exciting mess of operating systems and boxes to click, you’ll soon (or someday) be able to not only stream your music from the cloud, not only will you be able to cache that music so that you might listen to it without being connected to the internet (kind of like what WinAmp is trying to do as well right now,) but you’ll be able to sync your music in the same way you sync your contacts: instantly and painlessly.

Or it might all just be a music store. Could Google be creating a music store? They’re getting into the ebook business – why not the music business? Heck, why not the whole media business? A movie and television show store on the way?

Google could do that, sure!

Why not?

Again be sure to check out that Honeycomb Music Player Guide we’ve got, and get it for yourself!


  1. I doubt Google will launch a video store. More like a premium paid Youtube channel if anything.

    An I have given up keeping track of the different Android systems out there, through I suspect that Google itself is still deciding exactly where an when new features will be added.


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