One of the things that go along with being online is viruses and trojans. Windows is the most targeted operating system because it is also the most widely used OS. Even Apple’s Mac OS has its share of nefarious software targeting its users.

With Android making such a big push into areas like netbooks, at some point there will likely be viruses and trojans that are aimed at the Linux-based OS. Symantec is one of the larger companies in the anti-virus software realm and the company has announced that it will “evaluate” working with Google Android.

Symantec says that it will continue to monitor the progress of Android and may offer software to protect the operating system from viruses in the future, but Windows will remain its priority for now. One challenge for software makers like Symantec in the netbook market is to make software that offers robust protection but doesn’t need much in resources to operate.

[via CNN Money]