If you’re driving or navigating for a driver and you don’t like looking at maps, you probably wish there was an easier way to do all of that and still not get lost and get to your destination on time. Sygic’s GPS Navigation app now has a new feature that just might help you with that. Using Augmented Reality features and your smartphone’s GPS and camera, you will hopefully have a better navigation experience especially in places you’re not familiar with.

Sygic says that this Real View Navigation is the first premium offering in the industry that uses Augmented Reality for navigation. Basically what you get is a virtual path on your smartphone that gives you intuitive navigation and ensures you don’t miss any turns or roads or even highways. The app gives you a real-time preview that should be safer than traditional navigation apps even as you check conditions on the screen without necessarily compromising driver safety.

Even before this AR feature, the Sygic GPS Navigation app has actually been pretty advanced and is more of a mobile road assistant that not only serves as a navigation app but can also check fuel prices, alert you on speed traps and police radars among other things. This is just the latest in the Slovakian company’s attempts to take away part of the market from bigger apps like Google Maps or Waze.

Real View Navigation on the Sygic app however doesn’t come for free. You will have to shell out 9.99 Euros as an in-app purchase.



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