Virtual keyboards have become not just an alternative, but sometimes a necessity for people who are not satisfied with just the default keyboard of their devices. One of the standouts among the available apps in the market is Swype, and their latest update brings even more to the plate. They’ve added support for several new languages, a floating keyboard, and most exciting of all (well, for those who are crazy about them) is emoji support.

We’ve seen people have entire digital conversations without using a single letter, because emojis have become the new language among certain digital natives. The update now brings intuitive emoji support in 8 different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. For those who would rather speak using letters in their own languages, Swype has added several more to their growing number of supported ones: Vietnamese Telex, German CH, Italian CH, Burmese Zawgyi, Sinhala. If you want to use Korean as your main language, you can now use the Initial Consonant Input that they’ve added.

Another great new feature with Swype is the fact that you can move the floating keyboard around the screen, when having it in the default position is an inconvenience. In terms of design, they have added three new themes that you can choose to replace the default look. You can either go with Material light or dark or Bumblebee (high visibility). The best news is that all new three themes are free.

Of course the update comes with the usual bug fixes and improvements. Swype can be bought from the Google Play Store for just $0.99 but with in-app purchases available.There’s a trial version available as well, but of course with limited features.