Virtual keyboards have become as necessary to most users as any other app on their smartphone. Apps like Fleksy and SwiftKey have been adding a lot of new features that would make it easier for users to type out messages, and even include other multi-media attachments to make typing more fun. The latest one to bring an update to their app is Swype and it brings with it better ways of entering numbers and also predict two-word phrases better.

Typing numbers out on your smartphone or tablet keyboardis always such a chore, especially when it’s interspersed with letters. With Swype’s latest update, it becomes a bit easier as the keys that have numbers as secondary characters will also now give a number/symbol suggestion. For example, if you type out “swpp”, it will suggest to you “$200”. It’s still not a perfect solution, but at least it’s still better than the one we have now.

The other major update to Swype is that it can now (hopefully) smartly predict two-word phrases. They explained that if you type the word “how”, one of the suggestions of Swype for your next words are “are you”. Even though some default keyboards already have this feature, and in fact, Android’s own keyboard does next word prediction, if you’re used to using Swype, then this is a good addition.

Of course, there are the usual bug fixes and improvements with this new version 1.9 of Swype, which also includes Chinese cloud prediction. You can check on Google Play Store if your update is ready now, or just wait until it finishes rolling out to all users.