This fabulous system which I myself still cannot for the life of my get the hang of used to be a brand whose product was not quite compatible with Android. Then the APKs started getting out. Beta testers were in play, but many more people with the app had the app without technically having official access to the app. To combat (for some odd reason or another) the use of this app without permission, Swype instilled a login system that’d supposedly block the people who weren’t supposed to be in, out. Now there’s an update.

This update doesn’t do away with the login situation of course, as the full real deal STILL isn’t ready to fly out the door, but for those of you in the Beta program, this update is sweet sauce. For those of you working with an unofficial build, you’ll probably have to wait… 10 minutes until a hacker pops this off into the wild? Exciting! What does this update hold in store for all?

▪ Support for devices with QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA and qHD resolution displays (this is in addition to the HVGA, WVGA, and FWVGA it already had.)
▪ The “Hidden Word Tip Window” will now only pop up once.
▪ Prediction accuracy will no longer drop over time.
▪ New license generation during the install process.

Now if you’re interested in actually getting in on the Beta, you can now again register to be in for real. The site is super simple and more than likely you’ll get right in and get to swishing and swooping. Check that site out [here.] Of course this build, after you download, even when you’re in the Beta program, will disappear from your device in 4 months. Harsh? Harsh. Swype! Go for it! We want the real deal, mang!

[via SWYPE]