Great news for all of you who use Swype. Swype Beta has just been updated to version 1.4.5. The update provides some new features, improved performance, and various bug fixes. For those of you who already have Swype Beta installed on your handset, it can take up to 72 hours before you receive the OTA. Swype asks that you wait the 72 hours for your OTA before you report any update failures to them.

With Swype Beta v1.4.5.12537, there are many improvements to the Smart Editor that helps resolve some issues with compatibility. The Swype keyboard also now launches more quickly in web browsers. Swype also included more advanced language models for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Korean, as well as more improved logic surrounding the language downloads. For S-Note users, the issue where sometimes text would be duplicated through Swype has been fixed.

There are a few known issues within the Swype Beta v1.4.5 update. For S-Note users, your edit gestures and edit buttons in general may not work correctly with the app. For French users, the delete key is a bit inconsistent with words that begin with contractions (e.g. l’abricot). Those of you who use Polaris Office may have issues with your word choice list displaying incorrectly.

With that all being said, look out for the download within the next 3 days. Some users are already receiving their updates through the Swype settings. You may have to reboot your device in order to receive the update. While you’re waiting for Swype v1.4.5 to head to your device, you can check up on the latest Swype news from the timeline below.

[via Swype]