Swype has just announced another update for their popular keyboard and users taking part in the BETA can enjoy it right now. The last update was back in November and brought a few awesome new features but this newest update is even better. Swype has now add Dragon Dictation for ultimate voice control and TTS (Text to Speech) since being bought by Nuance. They’ve also added support for over 50 languages and more.

Not only has TTS with Dragon Dictation been integrated but you can now download full support for over 50+ languages all from inside the Swype settings menu right to your device for quick and easy convenience. We have a neat little hands-on video showing you just how awesome those finger ninjas from Swype are now that Dragon is on board so check it out below. Here’s the beta changelog:

— Added Dragon Dictation as voice-to-text provider
— Enabled language downloads for over 50+ languages, accessible through Swype Settings -> Language Downloads
— Advanced Language Modeling to give further improved suggestions when Swyping, based on language context
— (More info coming soon)

The context prediction and language modeling has been given a complete overhaul making it extremely accurate giving an increase of around 40% for accuracy. Now it will learn as you Swype and even display the correct word based on the context of the sentence and more. The video shows this quite clearly with the whole “mosh pit” thing so we’ll leave it at that. Many 3rd party keyboards already have context prediction and have for a long while so it’s good to see Swype ramping up in that department.

The new Swype Beta v3.26.92 is available today over at the Swype Beta Forums and all the details and history of past updates is neatly provided via the links below. Get to swpying and enjoy that Dragon Dictation.

[via Swype]



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