For everyone who missed out on the last opening of the Swype beta, there is some good news to report this afternoon. Swype for Android has received an update as well as had its beta re-opened to the public.

The update to the beta brings Swype for Android to version Introducing a new Double-Tap-to-Edit mode the user can now tap a word twice to bring up the word choice window, and pick the correct word. There was also many new features and fixes detailed here.

The beta is said to be open for a “limited time,” so if you’re wanting to get into the beta program it’s best that you hurry on over to and register.

[Via Swype]


  1. EVO 4G peeps, be careful your new software OTA update includes a version of Swype and it’s not compatible with previous beta versions. If you update your Evo to the new update before uninstalling your Swype beta, it will kludge the existing Swype and give you errors. You must uninstall any beta of Swype, also you can’t put this new incarnation of Swype beta over the OTA included version of Swype either as it is not compatible. Be warned. But also know that the Swype included in the OTA for Evo is very good, and I didn’t notice much difference between the two.

  2. i got the last swype update three days ago in this vercion,you can choiche between two app size the normal 10MB and the new one the just 2.5MB it has all features but just two language english/spanish


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