For the next few days Swype will be opening up its beta app for anyone with an Android phone that registers. Swype offers a new way to enter text by swiping your finger from letter to letter to input text. This keyboard has been responsible for some amazing text entry speeds.

* It will be open for a limited time – probably a few days
* In English, Spanish, and Italian – more languages to come
* Limited Features – some key features of Swype require OEM integration
* HVGA and WVGA Resolutions – don’t worry we’ll detect this automatically
* Limited End User Support – mostly via our forum

For awhile this keyboard was only available to select T-Mobile Android handsets. Recently it came preinstalled in a few Android devices from other carriers. Some people have gotten their hands on pirated versions and installed them without Swype’s consent. Now we all can join in on all the fun hyper speed texting that the Swype keyboard offers. Just head over to their beta site and sign up now.