The Google Play Store will never run out of apps that will help Android users to make the most of their mobile devices. There are keyboards, widgets, and other related apps available that make things faster and swifter. Switching between apps can still be made faster by using an app that can launch other apps or games faster than ever. This is where Swiftly switch can enter as it allows faster switch with just one swipe on the screen.

The idea is that your frequently used apps will show on the edge of screen with a quick swipe. Be free to access Home, expand status bar, back navigation, and access your favorite apps with just one hand. The developer of the app wanted to make sure to limit accident swipes on a mobile device. You see, it’s really one of the most common problems experienced by mobile users so the Swiftly switch was optimized to minimize accidents on screen.

You can download the app already from the Play Store but you need to grant permission first to make sure all features function properly. It’s just the free version but it’s good enough to let us take advantage of a faster and “swifter” mobile experience.