If you use the virtual keyboard SwiftKey, then you’re probably pretty pleased with a lot of their customization options which lets you personalize your device and your typing experience. The latest update to the app for Android devices makes that customization even better as you can now choose the keypress sounds your keyboard will make as you type out your messages, emails, notes, etc. While some people would prefer their keyboard to not make any sounds at all, there are those who find comfort in sounds coming out as they type.

If you’re the latter, then the new keypress sounds options is a welcome change from just the default sound that your phone has. Well now you have other sounds to choose from. The modern option sounds like a woodblock, Android of course sounds like the default Android sound, traditional sounds like either a mechanical switch or a typewriter, and the blip sounds like an electronic blip. Nothing fancy to choose from, but then again you wouldn’t want fancy sounds when typing right?

To change your keypress sounds (or to turn it on since it’s off by default), tap or slide the hamburger icon to go to the SwiftKey hub where most of the customization happens. Go to the Typing panel and then tap on “Sound and Vibration”. From there you can choose which keypress sound to use and also the volume level that you want to use.

The update is already rolling out to users so check your SwiftKey Google Play page. The changelog doesn’t state any other new things in this update.

SOURCE: SwiftKey