If you’re a huge fan of the game Halo and you like adding those Skype animated emoticons to your messages to loved ones, you probably should get on this latest SwiftKey update right away. While feature-wise there is nothing basically new here, what you get is more ways to make conversations more fun and interesting without having to leave the current app you’re using, and just getting the stickers and emoticons from the comfort of your virtual keyboard.

Halo is probably one of the most popular first-person shooter video games franchises and since it’s developed by a company under Microsoft, it makes sense that it has a tie-up with Skype. It’s the first time that Halo Stickers are now available for Android devices and you get a mix of eight animated and non-animated stickers to choose from. So if you and the friends you’re talking to are all fans of the game, then you can extend your Halo-related fun for when you’re talking outside of the game.

If you use Skype (another Microsoft property) as one of the ways you talk to family members or friends, then you’re probably familiar with the animated emoticons. Now, you’ll be able to bring them outside of the messaging app as you can access them from your SwiftKey virtual keyboard. Currently, there are 24 animated emoticons available, but they will probably be adding more in the future.

You can update your SwiftKey app to get these new sticker packs. You can also access them more easily since you now have the Toolbar where all the features and settings of the virtual keyboard can be found in just a few taps.

SOURCE: SwiftKey


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