When you go to any forum where they’re talking about virtual keyboards, you’ll probably find SwiftKey to be one of the more popular ones and the one that most would recommend if you’re looking for an alternative to your stock app. The developers keep adding improvements and new features that helps it gain new users and fans. Now the latest update to the app brings support for 8 more languages and also lets you connect your Outlook email app so that it can auto-correct or give predictions based on how you email people.

If you’re a heavy Outlook email user, then this update will probably benefit you the most. You will now get personalized predictions on the keyboard based on who you email, what you talk about, and how you “speak” to those you email. This is probably good news for those who prefer to have predictions at the tip of their fingertips but bad for those who prefer to do their own typing and keep their email content private. Well, as private as they can get.

The other new thing with this version is that it supports 8 more new languages: Acehnese, Kurpian, Kiribati, Nauruan, Jamaican Creole, Persian (Latin), Mingrelian & Mizo. While there is probably no huge demand for these languages, the fact that they are adding more and more is a good sign, especially for non-English speakers. This brings the total number of supported languages to 209.

The update also brings bug fixes and improvements. You can check the app’s Google Play page to update to the latest version.


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