SwiftKey Stats has been available for the Android version of the SwiftKey Keyboard app. It was initially available in beta mode but now the updated app is officially available from the Play Store for all Android users. The specific feature allows users to know their typing stats and behaviors. It’s something like what the other separate apps could do like count your keystrokes, typos corrected, how far you’ve flowed, or the keystrokes you’ve saved. With the SwiftKey Stats feature, you’ll know deeply your typing behaviors.

With the SwiftKey Stats, you can discover your typing habits. The information is something that would have practical uses in your life but learning how fast you type or what words you usually type could be fun. Some of the fun facts you’ll know about your typing habits include the top emoji you frequently use. You can also know what are the top subjects you type the most and identify what categories.

SwiftKey Stats Android 2

With the SwitfKey Stats, you can also know the emoji you often use with other people. The Signature emoji is the emoji you overuse on the average compared to others but take note, it’s not the one you use most often. SwitfKey Stats will also tell you how many works it has already learned from your frequent use of the app.

SwiftKey Stats can be accessed by logging into your SwiftKey account. The app is supposed to learn your typing habits and become “smarter” the more you use the keyboard. The idea really is for the SwiftKey to predict the words or emojis you are most likely to use next after it has already learned your writing habits.

SwiftKey Stats Android 4

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