When SwiftKey launched version 7 of its app which included a brand new Toolbar, they promised two other features that will be coming to the virtual keyboard soon. The day has finally come when you can now add Calendar and Location features to your conversations without having to leave your current window and just by using your keyboard. The Calendar feature will be available for everyone using the app while the Location sharing is now only for the US and India.

When you’re chatting with someone and need to share details about a meeting or event or appointment, you don’t need to leave your messaging app anymore. Just use SwiftKey’s Calendar feature so you can inform them when and maybe even where you will need to meet up or just to inform them of your schedule. As for the Location feature, if you live in the US or India, you’ll be able to share the address of where you are exactly at the moment. No news if this will eventually make its way to other territories.

SwiftKey 7.0 was released just last March and it came with a Toolbar which gave you easier access to just about everything you would need from the virtual keyboard. This includes GIFs, stickers, settings, collections, clipboard, themes, incognito mode, etc. You could even make your own stickers by using photos from your camera roll. Now the addition of these two makes the app even more robust.

You can visit the SwiftKey Google Play page to update to the latest version. Afterwards you can start your calendar and location sharing right away.

SOURCE: SwiftKey


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