When you’re talking to someone who is more fluent in another language than what you’re used to, translation apps and services are your best friends. However, it may take you a bit longer than usual because you have to switch between windows and copy paste the translated sentences or words. But if you use virtual keyboard SwiftKey, we have good news for you: Microsoft Translator is now integrated into it! This should make emails and messages and posts easier to conduct multi-lingually.

Basically what you get with this integration is a nearly seamless and real-time translation of whatever it is you’re typing through the virtual keyboard and whatever it is that you’re receiving. You don’t have to leave the current app that you’re typing in and go to a translation app just to be able to send or understand something in a language different than what you’re currently using. Just tap on the Microsoft Translator icon on the SwiftKey keyboard and it will do its job.

If you already have Microsoft Translator installed in your device, you’ll even be able to use this feature even when you’re offline. So if you’re on a flight that doesn’t have WiFi, you can compose that email or message and use the translation feature while doing so. Then when you’re finally connected, you can send it to your colleague or client or relative or friend.

The app will also be able to remember your language preferences. You won’t need to scroll through all the 60 languages that SwiftKey supports as it will automatically apply the translation it thinks you need if you use it enough times.

Update your SwiftKey app to the latest version to enjoy this newest integration. They’re encouraging you to send your feedback as well if the feature is as seamless as promised.

SOURCE: Microsoft


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