While Microsoft and Samsung currently has a pretty good relationship, other Android users may also want to enjoy the benefits that Galaxy users have been enjoying. One thing that may soon make its way to all Android users is a clipboard sync feature that would let you copy and paste from your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 computer. But this will probably happen through the SwiftKey virtual keyboard app, which of course Microsoft also owns. It is reportedly being tested now so we might see it sooner rather than later.

German website WinFuture is reporting that a beta version of the Swiftkey keyboard app has a new cloud sync feature for the clipboard. This is most likely the workaround that Microsoft has found to get around the technical and security limitations of having such a feature on other Android devices. The integration of a feature like that is only possible with the cooperation and approval of OEMS and since Swiftkey is a downloadable app from Google Play Store, then it should be able to work on any Android device.

Of course, Samsung users have already enjoyed such a thing among other features that they have on the Your Phone app. This may hopefully soon no longer be exclusive between the two as the feature is hidden in one of the beta versions of the SwiftKey app. There are not a lot of details available about this like how it would actually work or would it be limited to just the Swiftkey app or it will also be integrated into the Your Phone app.

There may be some privacy concerns about this as the things you will copy and paste will have to go through Microsoft’s cloud. This may sometimes contain passwords or other sensitive information. But if you’ve been using SwiftKey for some time now, you must have a certain level of trust in Microsoft so that shouldn’t be so much of an issue if what you really need is a way to copy and paste text on the clipboard from one device to another.

We don’t know yet as to when they’ll be rolling it out to a wider audience for testing or if it will actually roll out. For now, you’ll have to still use third-party apps to be able to copy and paste from your computer to your Android phone.