It’s still several weeks before Christmas, but SwiftKey has already started giving out gifts to its loyal users. If previously not all of the themes were free, now they are giving you the chance to get not just some but all of the virtual keyboard themes for free. We’re not sure if they will be completely free forever or if it’s just because they’re full of holiday cheer, but whatever it is, if you like changing themes a lot, you should start downloading from more than a hundred ones available in the SwiftKey Store.

The themes available for your SwiftKey virtual keyboard are mostly variations on color and design. There are also new Vivid themes, which from the name itself are very colorful and, well, vivid, and they are also free. To choose and change your themes, simply go to the hamburger icon located at the left of the prediction bar. You will then be led into the Swiftkey Hub where you have to open the Themes panel to go to the SwiftKey Store. It does take a lot of steps just to change the theme, yes?


Speaking of the SwiftKey Hub, they recently refreshed it with features like Clipboard (easy copy pasting phrases), Shortcuts (saving certain words and phrases on your Clipboard, like addresses, phone numbers, etc), Incognito mode (won’t save your frequently used terms), and other features to make it even easier to use the keyboard. Most of these are actually user-requested, so at least we know they’re listening.

Let’s see how long the themes will be completely free or if SwiftKey will be giving us more digital holiday treats.

SOURCE: SwiftKey