We always love seeing our own personal stats when we use certain apps or sites often enough. That’s why you have a lot of those “my five most liked pictures” on Facebook and the Instagram 2015 best nine memes going around by the beginning of this year. If you’re interested in finding out what are the words you type the most and what emojis you often use and if you use SwiftKey, they can now give you SwiftKey Stats in Android beta mode.

The idea to create this feature actually came from one of their Innovation Weeks where in-house developers are encourage to put their ideas out there and the company will actually invest in developing the products with the most potential. SwiftKey Stats is one of them and it can show you all these fun information that it has gleaned over the course of your usage. It looks not just at the words that you type out, but even the emojis you used, as some people “talk” better with the latter than the former.

SwiftKey created several categories to show you which topics you love to type and talk about on your messenger apps, social networks, email, etc. Through a cloud-like visualization, you will also be able to see which emojis you use the most. The bigger emojis are the ones you use the most of course. It also shows you your “signature emoji” or the one that you overuse compared to the average usage. It can also show you how many words that the virtual keyboard app has learned from you and your typing skills.

Of course, SwiftKey will only be able to analyze your usage if you sign in when you’re using it. You will also only be able to use SwiftKey Stats if you’re using the beta version of the app, which you can download from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: SwiftKey