The folks from SwiftKey are busy sharing details about just how popular their keyboard is for Android. Being one of the most successful and popular 3rd party keyboards to date, they’ve been near the top of the “top paid” charts for some time. Today announced they have over 150,000 5-star reviews in the Play Store, and to show their celebration and appreciating they’ve cut the price in half.

So while this is a celebration for all those who already use and enjoy SwiftKey, who probably left a good 4 or 5 star review on the Google Play Store. It’s also a great moment for those who haven’t made the jump to take advantage of the opportunity. Over on their blog they’ve shared all the details, and are trying to convince others to try their keyboard today.

As you all know, we’ve been huge fans of SwiftKey for some time already. Their next word prediction, word suggestion engine, and even gesture based Flow typing is all excellent. We’ve been covering SwiftKey since the beginning, and it’s good to see a top quality company succeed. Google recently launched their Jelly Bean keyboard for all, and that’s probably digging into SwiftKey purchases, but now that it’s 50% off you might as well try it.

The developers confirmed over 77% of buyers left a 5-star review of SwiftKey, and 93% left 4-stars. So in case you’re bad at math, almost everyone absolutely loves the keyboard. We’re looking forward to seeing what SwiftKey announces next, as they’re always innovating. Either way hit the link below to leave a review, or get it while it’s 50% off.

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SOURCE: SwiftKey