It may still be in its beta phase, but it looks like SwiftKey for Android is bringing out all the bells and whistles with every update, to make you realize you need to get it as your new virtual keyboard for your smartphone. You may call it a mini make-over, as the latest version contains a new SwiftKey Hub located conveniently, and a new “sleek, modern look” that makes your smartphone look even nicer.

The SwitfKey Hub is now more conveniently accessible so that you can customize your virtual keyboard just the way you like it, and access the other features as well. Once you press the Hub key, you’ll see that it is divided into three screens: Personalization section, the SwiftKey Store, and the Settings menu. The personalization part shows you the SwiftKey Cloud, access to SwiftKey Support, social media sharing options, and even interesting statistics on your typing behaviour. The SwiftKey Store of course gives you access to various themes and lets you change your existing one without having to leave the app.

The Settings screen brings you the other customizable options, like choosing the layout, sound and vibration, advanced options like text correction. The visuals in this section have also been updated. The SwiftKey update also brings adaptive layouts to the Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi languages. The developers also revealed that they are in the early stages of a collaboration with Dashlane, which will stash your commonly used passwords (securely of course) and predict when you will be needing them.

Currently, only beta testers that have Dashlane will be able to access the last feature we mentioned. Meanwhile, you can check out if the update to SwiftKey Hub for Android has already rolled out to your device.

SOURCE: SwiftKey