When you think about functional (or the kind of boring) apps getting into the Halloween spirit, usually it’s just about themes or colors that reflect the “holiday”. But the folks over at SwiftKey decided to go the extra mile and come up with a mystery for users to solve and even a short storyline to accompany it. You get a “surprise” when you finally manage to solve it, although don’t get your hopes up too much as it is a pretty simple surprise.

First of all, you, of course, need to have the SwiftKey virtual keyboard installed in your Android smartphone to be able to “play”. You then get to try to solve the mystery and get your reward by solving the riddle that a “ghostly engineer” has left on the app. Legend has it that said ghost likes to leave ghoulish tricks through code in the SwiftKey towers and by reading and solving the riddle, you can discover what it left this time.

There is a whole riddle about the Halloween mystery hiding in plain sight and when you interpret the snippet correctly, you get a spooky emoji as your reward. We won’t spoil it for you, of course, in case you enjoy solving riddles/mysteries like this. There are also clues left on the SwiftKey Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts so if you need more help, go over there.

Well, if you don’t want to try and solve the whole thing and you just want to see what this emoji is, you can go over to Twitter as some people have been sharing the answer.

SOURCE: SwiftKey