The latest SwiftKey Flow app update has arrived. Keep in mind though, the app remains in beta which means you will have to download and sideload the APK. This latest release brings the SwiftKey Flow app up to version and it is available in two versions — one for smartphones and one for tablets.

As we have seen in the past, the SwiftKey Flow beta app is available for free. Perhaps key here, this latest beta release brings features that are being described as the top-requested. The first addition in this release deals with predictions and flow. It was said that with a few exceptions, you can now flow in almost every text field. Some of the exceptions include the email field and passwords as well as “anywhere the app doesn’t behave itself with SwiftKey.”

The other big addition in this release deals with corrections and in a word, they are now described as being easier. Using this is as simple as tapping a word. Once you tap on the word, the SwiftKey app will offer three possibilities and you simply tap the one that applies. This update has also brought some additional language support to include Thai, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Albanian, Javan and Sundanese.

Otherwise, SwiftKey Flow v. also took care of quite a few bugs to include flow no longer getting stuck when you go off the bottom of the page, the arrow key repeats and issues dealing with SwiftKey predictions being turned off after an SD card had been mounted. You can see the full list of bug fixes on the SwiftKey website. And while we are pretty happy to see this latest beta release, there is another bit of good news — it seems a final release is getting close. We have yet to see a specific date, however the folks at SwiftKey have said that they are “getting closer to launching SwiftKey Flow” and that it will happen as part of the “next major SwiftKey update.”