The latest update for SwiftKey Flow Beta has arrived. The app, as implied by the name, remains in beta which means those looking to play with the latest will need to download the APK file from the SwiftKey website. This update has brought the app up to version and it can be found in two versions — one for smartphones and one for tablets. The smartphone version is 5.8MB in size and the tablet version is 6.6MB in size.

Basic details out of the way, lets get into what this update has brought, and yes, it is a decent sized list of fixes. The list begins with a fix for crash that was happening when changing keyboards and goes on to mention a fix for the force close issue on clicking the language update and “other” crashes. It was also noted that the “majority” of non-English punctuation problems should now be resolved.

This update also brought a new look for the installer, which will now match the SwiftKey Flow colors and include an introduction video as well as making sure the Chrome Beta app performs like Chrome and reduced memory usage of settings. Other notable items include having the microphone key disabled in fields where voice input is not supported and more to include replacing “learnt” with “learned” in the US English personalization page. You can check out the complete list of changes on the SwiftKey Flow blog.

Otherwise, while there was quite a few fixes, there are also still some issues. For example, the known issues list includes items such as the flowing words sometimes resulting in surprising capitalizations, crashing when looking at the heatmap and predictions sometimes going blank when switching between languages. With that, those looking to give this latest beta release some testing can grab the APK files using the link below.

[via SwiftKey]