Swiftkey, the insanely popular artificial keyboard in the beta stage of development, has now been the top paid app in the Android Market for a week and counting. If you do not know what SwiftKey is, it is an artificial keyboard that learns your writing style and habits and uses them to be the most productive and efficient typing keyboard on the Android platform.

Not only will it complete words for you, making typing even easier it will also complete full – commonly used – sentences further streamlining your typing experience. It has received great reviews and the public beta alone boasted over a quarter million downloads. Now it is available in the Android Market for a mere 99 cents, it is retaining it’s popularity along with the number one paid spot on the Marketplace.

“SwiftKey uses TouchType’s patent-pending FluencyTM language prediction engine to learn a user’s writing style and complete words and sentences for them, making touchscreen typing easier. The technology, based on artificial intelligence breakthroughs from the University of Cambridge, understands the relationship between words and can accurately predict about a third of words before a user taps a key.”


You can pick up SwiftKey using the QR code below