SwiftKey Cloud beta saw an update earlier in the month and it looks like another update has already arrived. This latest takes the app from to version As we have seen in the past, this latest beta release brings the updated version for both smartphones and tablets. Or more important for those using the keyboard — this release has brought a handful of improvements.

The big change this time around seems to deal with Gmail accounts. Specifically, this latest SwiftKey Cloud beta update brings support for a second Gmail account. The folks at SwiftKey have said it is now possible to personalize from a second Gmail account before personalizing from an earlier one has finished. And in addition, this update brings a fix for the crash that was happening when trying to start the Gmail personalization.

Otherwise, there was also mention of increased responsiveness of Flow predictions and additional fixes dealing with the crashes in the Cloud preferences. Some specific apps that were addressed include fixes for Handcent and Hangout emoji entry and predictions being disabled in Pleco (where requested).

There was also some removals in this latest beta release. First, the SwiftKey account details have been removed from the Android Settings, and second, the language models are no longer being backed up using Android back up. This applies to those who are also using the SwiftKey Cloud backup and sync and was done in an effort to save on network usage and and battery life.

Fixes aside, as SwiftKey Cloud remains beta there are still known issues that may cause some issues. The lead issue here deals with words that are being re-added after they had been removed from predications. With this users may not see that word sync across all devices. The remaining issues include the following;

  • The showerhead Emoji in GoSMS messes up input
  • Spanish inverted ? not visible on plain QWERTY keyboard when Spanish is loaded
  • Popup accented characters missing after changing layout or language settings
  • Prediction bar too small in landscape mode
  • SwiftKey reluctant to replaced a mistyped bottom row character with a space (e.g. ‘Hibthere’ will not get corrected to ‘Hi there’)

SOURCE: SwiftKey Blog