If you’ve been using virtual keyboard SwiftKey for some time now or if you’re on the lookout for one, then you’ll be pleased or interested to know that the latest update to the app brings you several updated things: a new look, default themes, and a redesigned hub. You also get new features like hashtag predictions, six new languages, and also all new emojis. However, you will only be able to enjoy the emojis if your device is running on Android Oreo already.

The virtual keyboard was due for an app refresh and now you get it with the latest update. You get a “sleek, redesigned” Hub to easily access themes, colors, and other in-app settings. You also get three new default themes to choose from: light, dark, and high contrast, for those that can’t decide between the first two. There are also six new languages added, specifically (Arabic (Levant), Garifuna, Mongolian (Traditional), Sassarese, Tigrinya, Zazaki).

One useful feature, if you use a lot of hashtags, is the hashtag predictions. When you type the hashtag, it will show you a bunch of options to autocomplete your thoughts, mostly based on what’s trending or what you often use. The update also brings new emojis, like fairies, vampires, even a breastfeeding mother. However, you will only be able to use this new batch of emojis if your device has already been updated to Android Oreo.

Update your SwiftKey app through its Google Play page to enjoy these new features. And if you haven’t decided on SwiftKey yet as your default virtual keyboard, you can try it out first since it’s a free download anyway.

SOURCE: SwiftKey