We aren’t necessarily convinced every SwiftKey user needs to be playing in the beta channel, though these series of updates are interesting to watch as they offer hints in terms of upcoming features. Having said that, the folks at SwiftKey have recently rolled out the latest beta release — which brings some integration with Google+ and Evernote.

In this case, that integration is actually dealing with personalization. According to details coming from the folks at SwiftKey, this will help to improve predictions. This SwiftKey beta release will be able to learn from your Evernote archives and your public Google+ posts. Otherwise, this update also contains some bug fixes and improvements dealing with emoji.

In terms of the emoji, here we are looking at an improved UI, and also improved emoji pane-switching performance. There was also mention of a new Themes selection menu. Touching on some of those bug fixes and we find the following;

  • Fixed mentioning people in Google+ posts
  • Quick period after emoji now works
  • Flow experience improved on layouts with main letters on secondary characters
  • Switched email @ button back from @outlook.com to @hotmail.com
  • Fixed problem with unsupported emoji being predicted (see a square in the prediction bar)
  • Fixed problem with smartspace inserting spaces between words and punctuation
  • Fixed several force closes and crashes

As it had been in the past, the SwiftKey beta release is free to download and free to use. The one catch with running the beta release is when they expire — you will need to update from time to time. Or in other words, if you are already using a SwiftKey beta release — now may be a good time to grab this latest (before your current release expires). And for those looking to jump in the SwiftKey beta pool, you’ll be able to grab the apk using the link sitting below.

SOURCE: SwiftKey