Yesterday we saw an update for the latest SwiftKey beta release, and today brings an update for the latest stable release. Naturally, this update is one that can be found in the Google Play Store. The update is arriving as version 4.4.2 and consists entirely of bug fixes and some general improvements.

While updates with loads of new features are always welcome, these smaller updates can sometimes be just as nice — especially if you happen to fall into the group that is having issues. That being said, the “what’s new” section of the SwiftKey Play Store listing brings talk of some unspecified memory and performance improvements.

There was also mention of fixes for force closes when loading and unloading languages, for keyboard jumping after phone unlocking and for the hidden bottom row on Motorola and Meizu devices. The folks at SwiftKey have also asked users to continue reporting this issue, especially if they are seeing it happen on other devices.

The “Ice” theme, which was introduced last month will also use less RAM moving forward. And lastly, this update also improved the SwiftKey Cloud sync setup. Bottom line here, this update looks like it will be one that most, if not all of the current SwiftKey users will want to grab sooner rather than later.

Otherwise, there is also the beta 4.5 which appears to be inching closer to a non-beta release. The 4.5 beta added support for emoji and an optional number row as the big features.

SOURCE: SwiftKey