We heard about the People of Lava Android TV back in April. The set is making waves again with a larger 55-inch model that is like hanging a big Android phone on the wall according to the oddly named firm behind the TV. As of right now, the set is only offered in Scandinavia, but the firm hopes to roll the sets out to the US later.

The 55-inch set runs Android 1.5 and has its own app store where the user can download things for the TV. The catch is that there is only about 20 apps available right now, but over 1,000 are expected before the end of 2010. The keyboard for the TV has an integrated keyboard and there is plans for an app that will let users control the set with their Android phone.

The TV has an industrial design ad is offered in white, black, or grey colors. The 55-inch set is €4,257 so it’s not cheap. When these sets first broke cover, Google TV wasn’t around. People of Lava reckon that the better name recognition for Android in TV will make it easier to sell their gear. The company only talks about its own app store for the TVs, but if it runs Android, I would think it could access the Android Market, unless the maker has blocked that access somehow.


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