There have been several portable projectors already on the market, but most of them you will have to actually project onto a wall or surface before you can actually use them. What if you had a built-in screen in the projector itself so that it can also serve as a mobile device where you can actually watch shows and movies? That’s what Swedish start-up Sweam is hoping for with their Sweam Smart Projector, now raising funds on Kickstarter.

Sweam comes with a 4-inch touchscreen display with 358 PPI and a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. The projection resolution is also 1280 x 720 and has 100 ANSI lumens which means you can use this to project in a dimly lit room or also outdoor viewing but only when there is no more sun. It also has auto keystone correction so that it will automatically adjust the aspect ratio to be able to match any surface angle.

The projector is powered by a Snapdragon 625 processor, runs on Android 7.1, and has 16GB internal storage so that you can save some of the videos that you want to project. You can also download your apps and also browse the web on the touch screen if you need to. You can connect to your local WiFi or have a separate 4G connection with a nano-card SIM inserted in the slot.

The Sweam smart projector is currently trying to raise around $600,000 but they’re still at around $58,000 right now. They still have 20 days to go and you can pledge at least $640 to be able to get it at 25% off the retail price.

SOURCE: Kickstarter