While Little Mermaid and maybe even Spongebob Square Pants have kind of romanticized what it means to live under the sea, we are reminded by Jaws and shark week that there are dangers that lurk beneath the surface. Seashine is a new Android game that gives us both the beauty and the scary parts of being a sea creature and trying to fight for survival as a newly-born creature beneath the waters.

In this game, now available for Android devices, you are a baby jellyfish, just hatched from the larvae or something, and trying to navigate the waters, all while trying to live and escape the natural sea predators. Also, amidst the growing darkness under the water, you must preserve your fading light. Actually, that is one of your purposes in this game, which is to absorb light whenever you can and to not fade away in the abyss.

And yes, you’re doing all this while trying to escape the clutches of scary underwater creatures and even more danger lurking in the dark waters. Each game you play here is unique so there are endless possibilities. The controls are pretty intuitive as they have been built for touch screen devices. Both the graphics and the soundtrack add to the excitement of making sure you’re not eaten by bigger creatures in this absorbing game.

You can download Seashine from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available as well.