At least once in your life, you’ve probably been asked the question, “What will you do when you’re stuck on a deserted island?” But you probably have never been asked, “What do you say to a talking island when you’re trapped on it?” Well, you’ll be able to experience just that in this new game out for Android devices called Tinker Island, and being shipwrecked here is a digital experience you’ll probably not forget as you try not only to survive, but to even lead a group of other trapped individuals.

This is a choose your own adventure type of game where you just swipe your way through the whole experience. You get to do it Survivor-style of course, foraging for food and other resources, building a base and upgrading structures, crafting weapons and tools, etc. But unlike the reality show where you’re just up against the other tribe, here you actually have to fight against all the dangers lurking around the island, and maybe even fight for your life.

The gameplay seems simple enough and the storyline is pretty engaging. But there is also a “terrible secret” that you get to uncover as you play the game more. And yes, we did mention that it is a talking island, but we don’t know yet if that is part of the secret. All we know is that you have a band of survivors that you need to lead and protect as you wait for rescue.

You can download Tinker Island from the Google Play Store for free. Of course there are in-app purchases, but you can resist buying them with real money.