When shopping online, it seems most of us are doing so via our tablet or smartphone. New research shows that 87% of mobile device owners use theirs for shopping, up nearly 10% from the previous year. In addition to just browsing or getting product info, we’re also pretty vocal about our purchases.

 This comes to us via a Nielsen survey, which finds that finding a store is the most common task — 76% of smartphone owners do that. Reading reviews of potential or newly purchased good is also popular, with 55% of tablet users doing so. After purchase, about 1/4 of tablet owners will write a review from their device, while 26% smartphone users take to social media to voice their opinions.

When it comes to searching for info, tablet shoppers will do so about 65% of the time via their mobile device. Smartphone users are ready to buy, as 66% report looking for prices online while out and about. That Amazon Price Checker app comes in handy in those situations.

We also seem to like a bargain, with half of us saying we have used online coupons. We also resist abandoning the creature comforts of home, with 40% of tablet users saying they shop from their house. Disorganized when you inally do go out? You’re not the only one; 49% of smartphone users have shopping lists on their device.

With mobile devices becoming the go-to for search and other casual needs, these numbers don’t necessarily surprise us. The 8% increase over last year was a much larger jump than we anticipated, but with lower priced tablets and smartphones fast becoming the new normal, it should be expected.

Via: Cellular News